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Opportunity of being part of a greater social business journey and achieving 100% Halal profit return equivalent of 10-13% rate of investment

Problem &


Huge Deficit in required National Consumption of Meat, Milk and Egg. With economic development, the demand will only increase

-Surplus Women labor force has compatible skills

-Cattle Rearing and Trade Channel interventions has bought profits and increased household income

-The Economics of Scale the Expansion into value chains together make a compelling business case with enterprising women

12 Million

Mac Population

The Population of "middle and affluent consumers" (or macs) has grown to about 12 million people, or about 7% of the population

14 Million+

Farming Households

More than 14 million farming households. 47% population of Bangladesh are directly or indirectly related with agriculture and livestock

3 Million+

Annual Cow Demand

Bangladesh needs about three million cows but the slaughterhouses of the country cannot source even one million cows from within the country (dhaka tribune)


program schematic

sector inputs

  • Capital
  • Knowledge
  • Agri Inputs eg. feed
  • Market Access
  • Supervision


  • Financial Inclusion
  • Higher HH income
  • Dietary Improvement
  • Know-How Transfer
  • Profit for business


Proof of Concept

- The woman of household is the contractor for cow fattening Pilot project

- We provided capital, consultation, monitoring and buy back guarantee at a stated price and incremental profit

- The project started with 5 cows for 5 Sorbojoya in Sadullapur Upazila in Gaibandha district in Jan 2018. In Dec 2019, the program has grown to 75 Sorbojoya with 600+ cows

- Meanwhile we have sold 6500+ cows and 8000+ goats

- Our own sheds has another 400+ animals (each)

- We have invested BDT 45 Million and has a separate accounting books. We assume the business has taken a shape, and the communities are welcoming more


- Selection of farmers

- Focus on productivity of individual animal, not herd size

Better Rearing

- Very low disease & mortality

- Optimum feed usage

- Better care gives more meat

Trade Channel

- Assured sales at market price

- Better supplier management

Business Support

- Capital grants from development partners

- Support from Knowledge forums

- Low taxes on investmen, profit and capital gain

Moving Up On The Value Chains

- Higher values addition by milk

- Integrating lowers the business cost

Investment Options For You

Invest in a

Number of Animals, Starting from One Shed

3 Years

Minimum Investment Duration

40% of Profit Return

Around 10-13% of investment/Yearly

40 Account+

Crowd investors in just Three years

Maximum 40%

Invest in shareholding

Invest in a particular

Business operation (eg. Milk processing)

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